Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project

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Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project
Craft Brewer

About this Brewery

We brew good time, artisanal beers - unfiltered, unfettered and oblivious to prevailing tastes. Our beers are happy peasants: inspired by ancient ruins and European beer cultures. All of our beers are formulated and brewed by Dann Paquette, with help from his wife Martha: we are a small, family producer of excellent beers!

Pretty Things beers are now shipping to New York City and Minnesota. We are also on the shelves in Philadelphia and Eastern PA and Dann and Martha will be visiting Philly in December, so keep an eye on our events page and come and see us if you can. So if you would like to try our beers, ask your favorite beer store, restaurant or bar to get some in! Hopefully you will see a Pretty Things beer on a shelf or beer menu near you soon.


Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project

P.O. Box 416037
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142