Witkap Pater Singel

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Brouwerij Slaghmuylder
Ale > Belgian and French Ale > Belgian Pale Ale
Ninove, Belgium
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About Witkap Pater Singel

Known as Stimulo in Belgium, Witkap Singel is the most celebrated of the brewery’s beers. Today it bears the “abbey” designation. Singel refers to the density (light) not the number of times the beer is fermented. lt is twice fermented, once in vat and once in bottle. Witkap Singel is the lightest of the Trappist style beers and is typically drunk at the midday meal. Witkap has a very high fermentation temperature (22 degrees Celsius). It is held at this temperature for five days. The beer is aged for four weeks at 5 degrees Celsius. The beers are then centrifuged. At bottling, Witkap is dosed with candi sugar and new yeast. A blonde beer that sparkles like champagne, it has an extremely estery nose with typical abbey notes of banana and berry. Unusually, this is followed by a light body and lemony finish. Overall the effect is something one could describe as an abbey lager. Witkap is invariably a surprise hit at tastings. Well worth seeking out. Witkap Dubbele is wonderfully fruity and aromatic. Dubbele has hints of cherry, raisin, and chocolate. At 7% abv it is delightfully robust, but not heavy bodied. Subtle, delicate and delightfully engaging.