White Hawk Select IPA

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Mendocino Brewing Company
Ale > India Pale Ale (IPA) > American IPA
Ukiah, California
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About White Hawk Select IPA

On May 31, 2002 , White Hawk Select IPA was "Released" in our Hopland Brew Pub as Brew Master Don Barkley poured the first pint! White Hawk is a traditional IPA .The IPA recipe is based on the original 1880 brew that was sent to India for the British troops.The advent of India Pale Ale was born of a need to supply beer in the 1800's to British troops in India. This hearty, heavily hopped ale was brewed to endure the rigors of the long voyage from Great Britain. White Hawk Original IPA was launched in California in early 2002 to meet the demand for a unique India Pale Ale. Consumer response for White Hawk IPA exceeded expectations and it is fast gaining a loyal following both in 6 pack and on draft. Our Brewmasters created this IPA based on the original recipe and the result is perfection. White Hawk Original IPA has a rich distinctive hop character and bold malt flavor. This Select IPA has a unique aroma, a clean finish and is brewed to satisfy connoisseurs the world over We’ve blended American West Coast Cascade Hops with a very generous dose of English Fuggle Hops. This combination makes for a very aromatic character, as well as a truly authentic English flavor which you must taste to believe. White Hawk Original IPA has an ABV of 7.0% and a bitterness of 60 IBU. "Hopheads" will love this brew!