Southampton Altbier

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Southampton Publick House
Hybrid Beer > Amber Hybrid Beer > Düsseldorf Altbier
Southampton, New York
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About Southampton Altbier

Back in 1995, Phil headed to Düsseldorf, Germany to taste the famous Altbiers of the region. The "true" Altbiers are only brewed in, and around, Düsseldorf with very limited availability outside northern Germany. To really get to know these uncommon brews you have to go to the source. It was on that trip that Phil developed a passion for Altbiers and returned to the States to master this unique hybrid beer style. Southampton Altbier is made with ale yeast but fermented at cooler temperatures similar to lager beer. This results in an ale with less pronounced fruitiness than most ales. Additionally, Altbiers are aged cold for a longer period of time, again similar to lagers. This more expensive and time consuming process tends to dry out the beer and give it a cleaner, lager-like finish. Hence the term "hybrid" beer. With this "best of both worlds" approach, Phil produces an Altbier that has some of the most favorable characteristics of both ales and lagers. Since returning from Düsseldorf, Phil has brewed multiple award-winning Altbiers and has saved his best effort for Southampton Altbier. Phil uses four grains and two hop varieties to make his delicious brew. The flavor is predominantly malty with a subtle herbal hop note and a faint crisp fruitiness from the ale yeast. It has a malty flavor, refreshing hop character and finishes clean like a lager— you'll want more!