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Cambridge Brewing Company
Hybrid Beer > Light Hybrid Beer > American Wheat or Rye Beer
Cambridge, Massachusetts
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A portion of the mash is made up of malted and flaked rye, in addition to pale barley malt. Rye is a somewhat unusual brewing grain in today’s American beer culture, but has been used for centuries in Northern European brewing tradition. It has a slightly sweet, nutty flavor, which is quite pleasant, but may be hard to discern amongst the intense hop flavor of this IPA. Hop varieties in this beer include Magnum (bittering) and Liberty (dry hopping) from the U.S., and English Fuggles for flavor and aroma in the kettle. While not quite as strong in alcohol content as the famous Red God, the hop character is guaranteed to impress any and all hopheads in our midst. Rye2K is a pale golden color, with a bit of haziness caused by the rye (much like the haze in a wheat beer), which will probably brighten up over time. Crisp, dry, refreshing, and VERY hoppy, with a nice sweet malty backbone to keep it all together.