Grand Teton Scotch Ale

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Grand Teton Brewing Co.
Ale > Scottish and Irish Ale > Strong Scotch Ale
Victor, Idaho
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About Grand Teton Scotch Ale

The designation “Scotch Ale” has come to represent the strongest, most full -bodied of the Scottish ales. Ours was brewed with British black roasted barley and biscuit malt, gently hopped with British First Golds, fermented cool and aged cold for weeks for smoothness. It is copper-brown in color, with some sweet maltiness and plenty of body. Because it lacks the assertive hoppiness of some other ales, Scotch Ale is an easy match for food. Try it with ham, roast pork or chicken, roasted vegetables or venison. It would also complement crème brûlée or, most traditionally, Scottish butter shortbread cookies. Alcohol by volume 7.4%.