Gouden Carolus Classic

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Brouwerij Het Anker
Ale > Belgian Strong Ale > Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Mechelen, Belgium
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About Gouden Carolus Classic

In a old chronicle of Mechelen we read that the this emperors beer, named after the golden coins of Emperor Charles, especially drinked with the fox-hunting. “Because it brought aswell the riders as the horses in full fire and they gallop so the hunt was always in the best atmosphere”. This “Emperors-beer” is still brewed in our brewery. The “Gouden Carolus” is brewed with dark, very balanced dosed maltsorts according to the classical infusion-method. Through the combination of caramel and aromatic malts, and with the traditional highed fermentation we get a special beer that combines the warmness of wine and the freshness of beer. Through his high density of 19° Plato the “Gouden Carolus Classic” is classified under the special beers. Through here it is very good for certain culinary destinations like stews, game and even sabayon. Unlimited tenable it will smile to you with color and flavor. The true connoisseur drinks it in small sips to enjoy it fully.