Dogfish Head Jormungandr's Revenge

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About Dogfish Head Jormungandr's Revenge

This is the winning beer from the 2010 "Extreme Homebrew Challenge sponsored by Jose Pistola's, Home Sweet Homebrew, and Dogfish Head" during Philly Beer Week earlier this summer. Homebrewer Kyle Kernozek won the challenge and brewed the beer (along with our own brewers) at the Rehoboth Beach brewpub on August 4th. In addition to hosting the brew, Dogfish will submit the Jormungandrs Revenge for the Pro-Am Competition at the 2010 Great American Beer Fest in Denver, CO this fall. This beer is a Gotslandrika, an older beer style from the Norwegian region. For the brew, a juniper branch with berries is first boiled for ninety minutes - this is the strike water that is used to mash with. At heart, this is a smoked beer but with the juniper branch and berries added, as well as adding honey in the secondary. The Juniper flavor is present throughout the beer with Juniper aroma being prominent.