The Team

Tim Noetzel and Shannon Hicks founded Pintley in 2010. They were soon joined by Rich DiTieri and a group of talented advisors and contributors.

Tim Noetzel

Tim Noetzel is an entrepreneur, consultant, and breakfast cereal connoisseur.

Tim conceived of Pintley in early 2008, after experiencing Europe’s vibrant beer culture while living abroad in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. On returning home, he realized that most Americans perceived America’s vibrant beer culture as a closed community, over-saturated with styles and choices that only insiders could differentiate. Armed with a love of hops and malt, a diverse business background, and a belief that every drinker defines “good beer” for themselves, Tim recruited long-time friend and business partner Shannon Hicks to form an online community that would help budding beer enthusiasts make sense of it all.

Tim’s background includes advising executives and management across a wide variety of industries with Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy & Operations group. Tim has also founded and collaborated with several startups, including the sustainable energy gurus at Emergent Energy Group. Tim graduated Summa Cum Laude from Tufts University with a B.A. in English and Entrepreneurial Leadership. He currently teaches aspiring designers, developers, and marketers how to break into the startup world and land jobs at tech startups at Purposeful.

Shannon Hicks

Shannon Hicks is a web technology maven and a developer at heart.

Shannon concentrates on ColdFusion, Flex, and AIR development projects. After over a decade of experience building high-performance, high-availability web applications, Shannon joined Pintley and designed the community’s infrastructure from the ground up.

Rich DiTieri

Rich DiTieri is a serial entrepreneur and a passionate-about-life spreader of enthusiasm.

On his twenty-first birthday, Rich purchased a growler of one of the most acclaimed Oatmeal Stouts in the world; soon after, he took a beer-centric backpacking journey across much of Western Europe, and his passion for beer was fully realized. Rich met Tim at Deloitte Consulting in late 2008 and began working on Pintley after discussing a solution to the challenge that every craft beer drinker faces: weeding through the clutter and confusion to find craft beer they’ll love.

A natural passionate salesman, Rich has a diverse professional history that began at just fourteen years old, when he launched his first business. Since then, Rich has consulted, managed, or supported four startups and worked in several industries, including construction, banking, and healthcare. Most recently, he has solved core business and technology problems for Fortune 500 companies with Deloitte Consulting’s Technology group. Rich graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. in Management for Technological Entrepreneurship.

The Pintley Family

Pintley would like to thank the smart, talented, and generous friends and advisors who helped make Pintley possible: